Kudus is a city in Central Java Province. The name “Kudus” comes from Arabic that means Holy. The history of Kudus is correlated with Sunan Kudus and Sunan Muria, they are two of Wali Songo who spread Islam in Kudus Area. One of the Sunan Kudus heritage is Al-Aqsa Kudus Mosque (Menara Mosque) that built in 1549, beside that another fact of Sunan Kudus acculturation of Islam and Hindu, Killing the cow is impolite for Kudus people mostly, because before Islam came most of Kudus people were Hindu. The behavior is used to respect the Hindu. Based on Local Regulation no. 11 year 1990 about the birthday of Kudus City is 23 September 1549.

Kudus is located at Pantura Street between Semarang and Surabaya, it’s about 50 kilometers from Semarang City. Kudus city is restricted by Pati city in the east, Grobogan and Demak city in the south, Jepara city in the west and north.  Kudus City is divided into nine sub-districts there are Kudus, Bae, Gebog, Dawe, Mejobo, Jekulo, Undaan, Kaliwungu, and Jati. In Gebong and Dawe , the areas are dominated by Muria Mountain, the only Mounth in the north java region. The central of government is located at Kudus. Because of the number of sub-district Kudus is the second smallest city in Central Java after Surakarta with its 5 sub-district.


Although Kudus only have a small area, but my city can be included into Industrial City. There are so many factory which build in Kudus. For example there are big industry for cigarette and paper. For cigarette industry there are some cigarette big factory like Djarum , Sukun, and Nojorono. Especially for Djarum, this is the biggest cigarette factory in Indonesia, the company usually become a sponsor of many big event in Indonesia like concert, education, and sport. For paper industry there is a big factory in Kudus, named Pusaka Raya also known Pura. Pura usually produce paper for rupiah money and ujian nasional, like UN 2012. Until 2012, there are four big supermarket in Kudus, there are Matahari, Ramayana, Ada, and Hypermart.


My lovely city has too many traditional characteristic. For example is the food. Kudus have Soto Kudus, Lontong Tanjung, and Jenang Kudus. The different of Soto Kudus with another soto is Soto Kudus is served with coconut milk. Another example of the traditional characteristic is special events for Ramadhan. First is Dandangan, it is like a fair along Sunan Kudus Street. The event is used to greet Ramadhan and it’s happened every a month before Ramadhan comes. The second one is Bulusan, it is also like Dandangan , but it located along Sumber River where found some Bulus , they’re like turtle. Bulusan happened a week after Ramadhan. Kudus also popular because of one of its traditional market, Pasar Kliwon. It is the biggest traditional market in Kudus.


In Kudus there are many beautiful tourism place. In the Muria Mountain can be found Colo and Kajar forest. Everyone who get to Colo there can see the all beautiful of Kudus city, and there is a waterfall in colo. Kajar forest is usually used as place to champing. Kudus also have Kretek Museum. In the place is showed anything about cigarette, for example how to make a cigarette and the history of all cigarette factories in Kudus. The Tomb of Sunan Kudus and Sunan Muria usually are visited by Moslem tourism for Ziarah.


Kudus have a football club, named Persiku. Now ,In 2012 Persiku still in Divisi Utama grade, It is the second level in Indonesia Football Division under Indonesia Super League (ISL). Persiku have a home stadium at Wergu Wetan Stadium. Persiku have two big fansclub, there are SMM (Suporter Macan Muria) and Basoka (Bala Suporter Kudus Raya). Every match, both of them always with Persiku to support The Club.


That’s all the characteristic of my lovely city, Kudus.



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